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Advertising Agency

Advertising is about turning heads, even if the necks are sore (in good humour).

But turning necks isn’t easy business as there are a lot of things that glue your consumer’s focus.

At The Mytownbus Works, we believe the key lies in understanding people, brands and
being creative enough to make people stand up and take notice.

Profile / Corporate Films

Corporate Video Films For More Successful Marketing Campaigns

Corporate video films are being used by smart corporates in a variety of creative ways. They are being used to establish a unique brand identity for themselves and even for re-branding purposes.

They are used as part of a meticulously planned marketing strategy to promote the latest services or products.

They are being used to showcase the business in trade shows, seminars, etc., to establish a stronger presence in the business community, expand their reach, promote the brand, etc. Whether it is as part of a marketing campaign or as a public relations strategy, corporate video films are an essential element in today’s corporate world.

Mytownbus takes pride in the fact that it has a long history of creating innovative and highly professional corporate video films that have helped its clients reach their goals, whether it be promotional or branding. By understanding the requirements and objectives of each client, researching the target audience and understanding their needs, and combining the talents of the technical and artistic team at Mytownbus, we create world-class video films that you will be proud to showcase anywhere as a true representation of your brand and corporate identity. No matter what project we take on, we strive to meet all the deadlines and budgetary requirements too.

TV / Radio Commercials

Using Ad Films To Increase Marketing Exposure

Ad films need not be the prerogative of reputed brands or multinational corporations. Even start-ups or smaller brands can leverage the power of ad films to increase their market exposure and broaden the reach of their products or services. Ad films today are not limited to just television. The Internet is an equally powerful medium for showcasing ad films, especially on channels such as YouTube which have millions of viewers in India alone.

With hundreds of ad films being made and released every day, it is important to create an ad film that will stand out from the crowd.

For this, it should have the perfect balance of script, dialogues, storyline, concept, characterization, music, narration, animation, etc., as and where required. For this to happen, the ad film has to be created by professionals who are creatively and technically gifted.

At Mytownbus, we have a team of professionals who are passionate and dedicated about the craft of filmmaking and would pull out all the stops to create an ad film that will be an effective vehicle for your brand, your products, your services, and your message. No matter what your requirement may be, we ensure that your ad film is one of a kind!

Corporate Presentation

Corporate PowerPoint Presentations That Get Your Point Across Effectively

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur with a start-up or a business tycoon with a multinational conglomerate, corporate PowerPoint presentations are an important tool for communication and marketing in today’s business world. It helps to conveniently bring together the crucial elements of graphics and text to educate, inform, and enlighten the target audience, whether they are prospective clients, investors, or customers.

Mytownbus has proudly helped countless businesses establish their brand identity, promote their company, products and services, and deliver company objectives and goals through visually appealing and meaningful PowerPoint presentations.We help you get your message across to your target audience through the use of our creatively designed and thoughtfully planned PowerPoint presentations.

All you have to do is share them with your clients and customers and see how quickly they share your passion and excitement.

Mytownbus has a team of dedicated professionals who are experienced and skilled at creating impactful PowerPoint presentations that drive home your message quickly and effectively. All you have to do is share the data and information you want to convey to us and leave us to do the rest. You can rest assured that your presentation will leave people speechless and ready to invest in your company or buy your products without a second thought!

Documentary Films

Documentary Films Make For Effective Corporate Strategy

There was a time when documentaries were only used by film-makers for making movies that had a social message or to highlight a specific topic to elicit interest in the wider community. Today, documentaries have been embraced by corporates as an effective media tool in their corporate strategy toolkit. Whether it is for showcasing a particular project, or for promoting a specific product or service, or for highlighting their brand and creating a larger impact in the community, documentaries are now a force that is recognized and harnessed by corporates for their benefit.

Documentary films ensure that clients, investors, customers, etc., are engaged and impressed by the content.

They will not get bored or distracted, as is the case with traditional corporate presentations and demonstrations.

At Mytownbus, we create world class quality documentaries by combining our keen insight into the corporate world, our production and post production technical skills, as well as advanced tools that are used in documentary film making. Whether it is the script, the video shooting, the voice over narration, the editing, etc., and each every aspect of the documentary is taken care of by our highly professional and dedicated team of technicians and artists. So you get a documentary that is sure to win over your clients!

Video Shooting

Professional Video Shooting For Stronger Corporate Branding

Corporates today are very aware of the potential of new media channels such as television and the internet for marketing their products or services or for establishing a strong brand identity.

Even corporate presentations and product demonstrations are no longer limited to the confines of PowerPoint presentations.

With professional video shooting, corporates harness the power of the visual medium to make an impact on their target audience and get their message across effectively and successfully.

Mytownbus has a team of professional cinematographers combined with world-class equipment like HD cameras and state-of-the art audio equipment as well as editing software to create videos that will showcase any brand, product, or service to the target audience in memorable ways that leave a lasting impact.

Every step of the way, the Mytownbus team ensures that the video is created in keeping with the highest quality and standards. This starts from the production stage, in writing the script to professional video shooting. It then continues to the post-production stage, where animation (if needed), professional voice over, editing, as well as the technical aspects of formatting for multiple media channels is taken care of. With Mytownbus leading the way, corporates now can rest assured that their video production will be on par with the best in the industry.


Professional VoiceOver To Win Over Audiences

Voice over is conventionally associated with the advertising or movie industry, but in today’s corporate environment, voice over has a special place, helping to give a professional touch to product demonstrations, corporate presentations, etc.

In the past, this was usually done by people in-house, but the lack of professional training and experience was a dead giveaway. This adversely impacts the brand image of the business being presented or the product being demonstrated. That is why a professional voice over is so important in impressing prospective clients, customers, investors, etc.

At Mytownbus, we believe in maintaining the professional and world-class quality of the product demonstrations or corporate presentations that we create, while also keeping in mind the cost effectiveness and project deadlines, all of which are positively benefited by using a professional voice over narrator.

The use of a professional voice over narration, in combination with attractively presented information, content, and graphics, goes a long way in helping businesses, both start-ups and established ones, build a strong and reputed brand presence for themselves. No matter what language you may need a voice over for, whether you want to target a potential foreign market for your product and services, Mytownbus has native language speakers who impart a truly professional quality to your brand.

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