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web development

Advertising is about turning heads, even if the necks are sore (in good humour).

But turning necks isn’t easy business as there are a lot of things that glue your consumer’s focus.

At The Mytownbus Works, we believe the key lies in understanding people, brands and
being creative enough to make people stand up and take notice.

web development

CMS Website Development For Better Management

One of the latest technologies that have revolutionized the way websites are managed is the CMS, or Content Management System. At Mytownbus, we help businesses upgrade their websites using CMS or create fresh new websites using the CMS tool.

The CMS tool helps businesses in many different ways, helping to optimize search engine results as it is more SEO friendly. This helps to increase visitors to the site, expanding the business revenue and bottomline

responsive webdesign

Multilingual Website Development

Multilingual Website Development For Increased Business Exposure

The internet is a worldwide network that has spread to every country in the world. Businesses, both big and small, are using the internet to leverage their brand, products, and services across geographical boundaries.

However, they are still stuck in the mindset that English is the only language required to conquer business opportunities in other countries...

PSD To HTML Conversion

PSD To HTML Conversion For A Better Web Experience

Mytownbus has been at the forefront of helping businesses optimize their website for a better web experience by converting the PSD files to HTML files.

This helps to increase customer satisfaction by giving them faster loading web pages. It also helps to increase page rankings in search engine results as websites with images and videos that are slow to load rank lower in search engine results.

E-commerce Development

E-commerce Website Development To Expand Business Horizons

Worldwide statistics show that online shopping is on the rise with people using the convenience of their smartphones and tablets (apart from personal computers and laptops) to instantly get on the internet and place orders for products as well as buy services.

. The easy availability and wide accessibility of internet networks has made it possible for people to be online and make purchases 24 x 7.

Website Maintenance

Maintain Website Professionally For Optimum Business Development

So you have your website designed, created, and launched with much fanfare, and it has had a huge positive impact on your business. However, if you think that you don’t need to look into your website again and that it will just keep going on its own, you are mistaken. For any website to be indexed in search engines and keep getting visitors regularly, it has to be maintained on a regular basis.

Web Portal Development

Web Portal Development For Wider Business Coverage

A web portal is a website taken ten steps further, increasing its potential tenfold and helping business cater to a larger number of people with a wider array of interests. At Mytownbus, our team of professional web portal developers have designed web portals ...

Microsite Development

Microsite Development For Higher Targeted Promotions

More and more businesses are utilizing the power and potential of microsites to reach out to target audiences about a specific product or service. A microsite is part of a larger website with very specific information for a specific audience about a particular aspect of the business.

It can range from just one page to up to 10 pages on the website. Microsites help a website to rank higher in search engine listings and helps people find exactly what they are looking for without having to navigate around the main website looking for it.

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